About Us

We are two brothers, passionate about travelling, whether with family or friends. However, during our many adventures, the same questions remained. What to do? At what cost?
This is how TripnYou came into being.
We find for you the best activities in any country and at the best prices, but not only that, we are committed to planning your ideal vacation according to your preferences. A tailor-made program to create trips in your image.
But what exactly is TripnYou?
TripnYou is an online activity booking platform comparator. For a selected activity, TripnYou gathers and compares the platforms in order to offer you the one with the best price.
But that’s not all!

TripnYou organizes your trips!

You’ve probably noticed that finding THE right destination, THE right flight or THE right hotel takes time and energy. However, it’s not on the plane or in the hotel that we spend most of our time on holiday, but in the heart of the adventure, the discovery, so that we can leave with our heads full of memories. That’s why TripnYou offers you two types of programs for each destination, a classic program and a customizable program.

The classic programme is a 7-day programme that brings together the most varied and best-rated activities in order to expand your activities during your stay.

The customizable program is made to measure. If you want your holiday programme to be in your image, tailor-made for your couple, adapted to the preferences of each of your friends, or meeting your children’s criteria. TripnYou organizes it for you! By selecting each person’s preferences, TripnYou will organise a full customised programme (which you can modify as you wish) for all your holidays.

So are you ready for adventure? Are you ready to skydive, climb Machu Picchu, discover the history of gladiators at the Coliseum, venture on safari in Kenya or enjoy the American sunshine on Miami’s jet skis?

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, Blue will accompany you during your trip.

Who’s Blue?

Blue is him, our adventurous wolf. Curious, courageous and very passionate by nature, Blue is thirsty for adventure and makes no secret of it. That’s why he will stop at nothing to follow you in the heart of your exploration. We all have a little Blue sleeping deep inside us, so trust yourself, trust Blue and