Porto is a Portuguese city located on the left bank of the Douro River, at the foot of the Serra do Pilar Mountains. It is a place to discover for lovers of architecture and varied landscapes.

Porto is a beautiful city, which does not lack charm. The activities to do are many and varied, here are some ideas of activities that everyone can practice effortlessly!

5 reasons to visit Porto

To enjoy the warm welcome of the locals

To get lost in the streets of Porto is to meet a warm people. They are so welcoming and generous, especially with children! Wherever we went on our walks in this beautiful city – whether at the Bolhão market or elsewhere ;-)-, the locals greeted us with confidence by doing their best to not only talk but also start the conversation

To take the time to relax in its parks

Porto is very rich in green spaces, which allows families to find a place to relax and have a good time together. Walking or taking a bike ride near the banks of the Douro is a must, both with family and friends. You can also visit the Serralves Park to enjoy the beautiful garden and the view of Porto.

The gardens of the Crystal Palace offer a magnificent view from where you can appreciate all that Porto has to offer. Flowers and birds form a welcoming setting where visitors can play in the grass or take a nap after exploring the bustling Ribeira neighborhood, filled with shops, restaurants, and clubs at nightfall.

To experiment with different means of locomotion

rabelos. These boats (traditional or modern) go up and down the river between banks bordered by centuries-old architecture; these are perfect places for picturesque photos! For something more adventurous but also less expensive, there are always excursions like a hovercraft tour or a funicular trip – you'll have breathtaking views while staying safe (and dry)!

Take a tram ride to Calçada D. Pedro Pitões, where you will find some of Porto's most famous sights, such as the Torre dos Clerigos (Tower of the Clerics). You can also fly over the city by taking one of its funiculars or the cable car at the top of the hill of Vila Nova de Gaia!

Treat yourself to a city break at a lower cost

Life in Porto is relatively cheap and you don't have to worry about the cost of flights, since Ryannair offers cheap flights. You can quickly save on a return ticket if you do it in advance!

a city steeped in history!

The city of Porto, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, is rich in a fascinating history and full of contrasts. In past centuries, it was at the same time a military fortress, a port city and a cultural hotspot.

This is also where the Douro people live: the inhabitants of Porto are very attached to their hometown! They have preserved the beauty of the past and created a balance between modernity, traditional culture and respect for historical values.

Porto also has a history rich in revolutions: take the opportunity to visit the Government Palace! You will no doubt learn a lot about the daily life of Porto over the past centuries.

10 things to do in Porto

Porto is a beautiful city, which does not lack charm. The activities to do are many and varied, here are some ideas of activities that everyone can practice effortlessly!

Stroll through the small steep streets of the Ribeira district, so romantic!

The Ribeira district in Porto is a neighborhood that has no shortage of anecdotes. It is known to be the historical, cultural and commercial center of the city. This area is very lively with its small streets, restaurants and pubs.

Everyone can take their time to walk around here and enjoy what the city has to offer, regardless of age and experience level. Indeed, it ranges from colorful red shops to cafes to the many restaurant terraces and towers on the river. Porto is a city that does not lack elegance!

it is also where some of the most interesting historical sites of the city are located, such as the Clérigos Tower, the Government Palace or one of the funiculars that lead to Vila Nova de Gaia.

Discover one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world: the Lello and Irmão bookstores.

The Lello & Irmão bookshop in Porto is a shop in which you can find old and rare books. This magnificent building was built in 1906, according to the plans of the Portuguese architect José Marques da Silva.

This bookstore was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, this gives you an idea of its importance. It is very famous in Portugal and around the world.

Taste the local gastronomy!

Porto has a very varied gastronomy and many restaurants to satisfy the most demanding palates. You will find a wide range of fish and seafood dishes, as well as local specialties such as bacalhau (dried fish). The recipes that have the Portuguese coast are the Francesinha (a sandwich made with meat and cheese), the Caracois (the small shells), or the Chocolate Tarts.

Take the height and contemplate the city from one of the many viewpoints

There are a large number of viewpoints in Porto (Torre dos Clerigos, Miradouro Da Vitoria, Passeio Vitudes…), offering a very good image quality (so ideal for taking pictures). These are often small squares where you can find cafes and / or restaurants to get closer to the sky.

Sleep in an old theater. hotel teatro

It is simply magical to imagine that you are inside a theater… that it be converted into a hotel. The Hotel Teatro is aptly named: it is closely linked to the arts, beauty being omnipresent.

Among the many two-storey installations, you can see bold glazed collections and decorated walls on the ceiling. A driveway leading to the carved balconies offers a spectacular view of the main hall.

This hotel is a real delight for discerning travelers: it offers top-of-the-range services and beautiful decoration, all in one of the liveliest and trendiest areas of Porto!

Visit the Crystal Palace Gardens

The gardens of the Crystal Palace are a superb site in the center of Porto. They were built on the ruins of the old theater and offer a magnificent view of the entire southern part of the city. You can admire dead animals, flower beds, fountains etc.

As is the case with many sites in Porto, they were "invented" only a few years ago. Work began around 1930, in the early 50s, and was completed in 1964. Animated by a city that was still dominated by peach trees, the economic crisis and the need for entertainment led to the construction of the theater. During the rehabilitation of the site, the remains of the theatre and gardens were preserved.

Go eat petiscos (a kind of tapas) at the Adega Rio Douro

"Petiscos" are a kind of Portuguese tapas that can be found everywhere in traditional bars, called "botequim".

These dishes of (usually) small portions of a single thing (e.g., cheese, onions, olives etc.) are eaten with a small glass of wine or liquor.

Since there are so many small shops in Porto that offer "petiscos", here is a tip: Let yourself be tempted by the "petiscos", at the Adega Rio Douro

Adega Rio Douro is a Portuguese restaurant run by the Gorjão family. They settled in this village in 1947, and decided to produce their own wine and make tapas with the remains of the wine as well as local products.

Excursion to the main sites of Porto by electric bike

Porto is a city of incredible beauty, which is full of historical and cultural sites. It also has a rich and varied gastronomic heritage that the most demanding palates can only appreciate. Why not discover one of the most visited Portuguese cities by strolling through its territory by electric bike?

Take the tramp to Foz do Douro

For only 3€ by tram you can discover the beauty of Porto. Line 1 takes passengers from Passeio Alegre to Foz de Douro with panoramic views and comfortable seating in outdoor areas that allow visitors to relax while enjoying their journey along one of Europe's longest rivers

Take a cruise

This incredible journey will take you to discover the history of Porto through the 6 main bridges that cross it and that separate the left bank and the right bank. The journey begins from the jug port located on the right bank and ends above the river, on the marina, also located on the right bank.

Many agencies offer this type of cruise for a final price ranging from 15 to 75 € depending on the duration chosen.


Porto is a city that offers many different possibilities. You can find beautiful green areas, restaurants with delicious food and more! I hope you enjoyed this guide to make your next trip to this wonderful city even better.

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