Fun Things To Do In Germany

Germany is a fantastic nation. Few nations combine history, culture, and environment like this one, and few have had as much influence. Since the Berlin Wall fell, Germany has reunified and risen to worldwide importance.

What are the top activities in Germany? We’re happy you asked since exploring them is a priceless experience. Every part of the country has something spectacular to offer, from architectural marvels in the north to vast woods in the south. Investing in Germany is a safe bet. Exactly how is the dining situation? It is delicious as well.

13 Best Fun Things To Do In Germany:

1. Stroll Through The Berlin Wall Murals:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is one of several places to see relics of the Berlin Wall. More than a hundred murals by artists from across the world now cover the 0.8 miles (1.3 kilometers) of land that formerly ran next to the Spree River after its demolition.

The painting Bruderkuss by Dimitri Vrubel depicts a kiss between high-ranking Soviet official Leonid Breschnew and East German leader Erich Honecker. Birgit Kind’s picture of a Trabant (Trabi) automobile breaking through the wall is another. 

This portion of town, surrounded by numerous new apartment buildings and office complexes – some completed, others still under construction – also highlights the tremendous magnitude of renovation that has transformed Berlin since reunification.  

2. Scale Germany’s Highest Mountain:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The Bavarian Alps, with their blue lakes, gorgeous vistas, and bell-wearing cows, is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts. The area offers several hiking and rock-climbing options and many cable cars that allow you to gain height much more quickly. 

The Zugspitze cable car atop Germany’s highest peak is the most striking. This cutting-edge structure opened in 2017 and has the longest unsupported rope span and the tallest steelwork tower for an aerial tramway. 

It rises from the beautiful Eibsee lake and transports guests to an incredible top station that rests magnificently on a steep mountain over 10,000ft (3000m) above sea level.

3. Hit The Spa In The Black Forest:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The vital mineral springs that pop out underneath the Black Forest have long drawn health enthusiasts to this area. Twelve thermal springs at Baden-Baden, one of the region’s most well-known spa towns, produce around 211,340 gallons of water daily, with temperatures reaching 154°F (68°C). 

Begin your visit with an afternoon at the Friedrichsbad Spa for old-world elegance and traditional baths. This large Renaissance-style building opened in 1877 and has domed ceilings, beautiful paintings, and a 17-station bathing circuit. Before going to a relaxation room with a complimentary wake-up service, immerse yourself in thermal whirlpools, hot-air tubs, and cold water.

4. Attach A Padlock On A Cologne Bridge:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

Getting to the world-famous Cologne Cathedral from across the Rhine on the Hohenzollern Bridge is a great option. View the city skyline and big boats gliding down the powerful river as the Gothic towers of the famed cathedral loom ever closer. 

People began fastening “love locks” to the rails that separate pedestrians and bicycles from the trains that rumble over the bridge into Cologne’s central station in 2008. Most are engraved with the names or initials of the couple, while others contain additional meanings. 

The vibrant sea of feeling is ideal for photographing or perhaps adding to. Many people toss the key into the lake below to symbolize everlasting love.

5. Roller Skate Along An Abandoned Runway In Berlin:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The abandoned airport, one of the world’s biggest urban open areas, is a popular hangout for many Berliners. Tempelhofer Feld, a park with runway markers, grounded aircraft, and ancient hangars, is popular with kite flyers, rollerbladers, picnickers, and the odd windsurfer. 

Some endangered animals and plants have made their home in the natural vegetation that has flourished between the slabs. The airport ceased operations in 2008, and the property was made public in 2010. 

The airport’s history, including its crucial role in supplying the western half of the city during the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949, and other interesting facts are detailed along a history path.

6. Visit The Castle That Inspired Walt Disney:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

Germany’s fairytale castle on a hill must be seen to be believed, set against a spectacular mountainous background. King Ludwig II’s hideaway, Schloss Neuschwanstein, is thought to have inspired the Disney logo and castles at theme parks worldwide. 

The young monarch, a modest and somewhat quirky man, constructed most of the castle, inspired by medieval stories and Richard Wagner’s operas. After the king’s unexplained death in 1886, the castle opened to the general public and is today one of Germany’s top tourist attractions and Europe’s most visited castles.

7. Explore The German Wine Route:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The Deutsche Weinstrasse runs through the wine-growing area of Pfalz (Palatinate). The route is 53 miles long and runs from Bockenheim in the north to Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the French border (85 kilometers). It connects picturesque towns, endless vineyards, and many Michelin-starred restaurants. 

This area is well-known for its Rieslings, but it also produces a considerable number of reds and lesser-known whites, as well as numerous excellent rosés and sparkling wines (called Sekt in German). The mild temperature also enables almonds, figs, kiwis, and lemons to grow, giving the southwest of Germany a Mediterranean feel.

8. Reflect On Nazi History In Nuremberg:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The towering structures of Nuremberg bore evidence of the event’s scope and the Nazi regime’s megalomania. The Nazi Party Rally Grounds hosted party gatherings, speeches, and parades. Many buildings on the site, including the Zeppelin field Grandstand and the incomplete Congress Hall, remain and may be seen on a walking tour. 

Of course, after the war, Nuremberg took on a new meaning for the Nazis. During the Nuremberg trials, many party leaders and high-ranking military personnel were held accountable for their crimes in a procedure that was widely seen as redefining international criminal law. 

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials, an instructive documentation center, is presently located on the top floor of the courtroom where the trials were held.

9. Try Watersports On Germany’s Glitziest Island:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

Sylt is the biggest of Germany’s North Frisian Islands, connected to the mainland by a thin causeway. The popular staycation location has grassy dunes, sandy beaches, postcard-perfect lighthouses, upscale restaurants, trendy boutiques, and sophisticated hotels catering to a wealthy clientele. 

The island is frequently referred to as the German Hamptons or the northern Saint-Tropez. Sylt is also a hotspot for watersports. 

The island accommodates both beginners and people with more expertise because of the rough surf off the western shore and the calmer seas of the Wadden Sea to the east. It even draws international champions to tournaments like the Windsurf World Cup Sylt.

10. Hamburg’s State-Of-The-Art Music Hall Is A Must-See:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

The Elbphilharmonie, sometimes known as “Elphi,” is an architectural wonder located on a peninsula in Hamburg’s historic harbor neighborhood. 

The music hall opened in 2017 and is constructed out of a shimmering glass building of over 1100 window panels that sit on top of an ancient red-brick warehouse. View the city and the river from the Elbphilharmonie Plaza, where events are also held. The open-air platform is free and spans the whole structure.

11. Visit Artistic Park In Erholungspark Marzahn:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

There are numerous things to do in East Germany; one is to visit a magnificent local public park noted for its incredible artwork. Berliner Gartenschau was the name given to the park when it was opened on May 9, 1987. The park’s total size exceeds 100 hectares. This location is a one-of-a-kind blend of an oasis and metropolitan attractiveness.

Local landscape architects and artisans finished the Chinese garden here. Outside of China, this is the biggest garden of its sort. While here, look for the various ponds, pavilions, watercourses, traditional architecture, and rituals representing nations such as Italy and Korea. It is a must-see for all art and nature enthusiasts visiting Berlin.

12. Have Breakfast With The Locals In A Munich Garden:

 Fun Things To Do In Germany

In Munich, a classic breakfast consists of two white sausages, a pretzel, a sweet mustard dollop, and a Weissbier glass. The meal is best savored in one of the city’s numerous beer gardens. It should be eaten before midday, as it used to be before refrigeration. 

The sausages are cooked and typically served in warm water, and they come with a skin that must be removed – it best to observe the locals to learn how it’s done. Beer gardens are also enjoyable at other times of the day and may be an excellent choice for families. 

Most have playgrounds or lots of areas for youngsters to run about. In most regions, you may also eat food if you purchase beverages.


Vacationing in Germany is best defined as a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Because of the abundance of ancient towns, tiny villages, and woods and mountains, visitors are spoilt for choosing a distinct place to visit. 

The above-mentioned activities are among the most recommended things in Germany since they provide visitors with an exceptional opportunity to learn about the country’s natural and cultural heritage.

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