The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the city of Milan is that it is the capital of fashion and shopping. Apart from the luxury boutiques, you should know that the city also has many must-see sites open to the public. A sightseeing tour in the city of Milan allows you to appreciate some of the must-see places. For a romantic or family getaway, visiting the city of Milan is a must during your stay in Italy.

Best Places to Visit in Milan

  1. La galerie Vittorio Emanuelle II
  2. The pinacoteca of Brera
  3. La scala de Milan
  4. The cemetery of Milan
  5. Le château des Sforza
  6. The dome of Milan
  7. The royal palace of Milan
  8. San Siro Stadium
  9. La Scala Theater
  10. Italian lakes
  11. The Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie

La galerie Vittorio Emanuelle II

Galerie Vittorio Emanuele II Milan - Informations sur la galerie de Milan

The gallery Vittorio Emanuelle II is a place not to be missed if you do not know what to visit in Milan in 3 days. The building is closer to the cathedral which is located in Piazza del Duomo. The site is one of the most beautiful galleries on the European territory. You should know that the gallery contains many boutiques of Italian haute couture to name only Vuitton and Prada. In other words, you won’t get bored while visiting this gallery. It is the perfect opportunity to stroll and shop.

The pinacoteca of Brera

J'ai visité la PINACOTHÈQUE de BRERA à MILAN - Blog Voyage Trace Ta Route

Located in the palazzo of Brera, the pinacoteca is a must if you don’t know what to visit in Milan. Specifically, the building was erected on an ancient monastery of the city. Thus, do not be surprised to learn that the place was used as a cultural center by the monks before becoming a museum. Today it houses one of the most amazing collections of Italian art. In fact, the works are still on display in the old classrooms.

La scala de Milan

Visiter la Scala de Milan : billets, tarifs, horaires | La scala de milan,  Milan italie, Milan

Together with the San Carlos Theater in Naples and La Fenice in Venice, La Scala in Milan forms the best Italian operas. The place is a must during your trip to Italy. It is located mainly from Piazza del Duomo which is also a must see site in the city. Do not forget that the site was the theater of creation of several artistic works such as the “Norma” as well as the “Otello”. Don’t forget to make an online reservation to avoid waiting in line if you plan to attend a performance.

The cemetery of Milan

Le château des Sforza, la basilique Sant'Ambrogio et surtout un cimetière  hors de l'ordinaire! -

The site is not a simple cemetery just by its shape. The place is often considered to be an open-roofed museum. In fact, the site contains impressive artistic tombs. One can evoke for example Greek temples as well as obelisks. Many artists who have marked the history of Italy are also buried here. In any case, the cemetery is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. You can find out more about the cemetery by being accompanied by a guide.

Le château des Sforza

Château des Sforza, Milan, Italie | HiSoUR Art Culture Histoire

You can take a tour of one of the historic Lombard castles during your trip to Italy. The Sforza castle is one of the most impressive castles, especially with the many museums you will find there, such as the pinacoteca. This emblematic monument of the city was erected in 1358 to protect Milan from invaders. The building has undergone numerous destructions and reconstructions over the years. In addition, you should know that the castle has housed many workshops made by the illustrious Leonardo da Vinci.

The dome of Milan

Ma visite du DUOMO de MILAN : splendeurs d'une Cathédrale emblématique -  Blog Voyage Trace Ta Route

Milan’s dome, also known as Milan Cathedral, is a must-see during your visit to the city. This large church stands in Piazza del Duomo and can serve as a landmark to visit and discover Lombardy. History tells that the construction of this building took almost 500 years. Don’t forget that you can access the terraces of the Duomo if you wish. But before that, you could take the time to appreciate the naves and the columns that form the place.

The royal palace of Milan

Palais royal

Take advantage of your stay in Milan to visit the royal palace. Indeed, the site is one of the most important places to visit in Milan. The palace now offers exhibitions related to contemporary art as well as modern art. In addition to this, the field of fashion and design are very much appreciated by the Milanese. Don’t forget to visit the palace museum to learn more about the history of the city of Milan.

San Siro Stadium

A guided tour of the famous San Siro stadium is especially if you are going away for a weekend. The history of the stadium is based on the fact that it has been used by two Milanese clubs which are AC Milan and Inter Milan. Inside you will have the chance to learn a little more about the history of these teams as well as the mixed history of the stadium. The atmosphere inside this mythical stadium is always in the right place. For soccer fans, the building is also known as the Guiseppe Meazza stadium.

La Scala Theater

La Scala, ça rouvre ! - La Scala Paris

The theater of Scala regularly hosts the most important operas in Italy. In fact, there are countless performances that have taken place inside the building since its construction in 1776. Be prepared to experience a monumental moment if you plan to attend a performance. You should know that the theater of Scala also contains an impressive museum that you can visit every day. In addition to the backstage area of the auditorium, you can also appreciate the collection of instruments and costume styles on display there.

Italian lakes

Circuit en Italie : Les Lacs Italiens, Milan et Venise 8 jours -

You can also visit Milan in a different way with the many lakes in the surrounding area. For this, an excursion on the shores of Lake Como or Lake Maggiore will do you a lot of good. But, we can also mention Lake Garda which is suitable for beautiful walks in love or with the family. It is quite possible to take the train to get there.

The Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie with the Last Supper

Église Santa Maria delle Grazie de Varallo — Wikipédia

You don’t know what to do in Milan? You should now know that the Santa Maria Delle Grazie is one of the most rejected and most visited churches in the city. You can enjoy a weekend to appreciate this building. It is worth noting that the place is home to the famous painting of the Last Supper by the illustrious Leonardo da Vinci. Add to this, the building itself has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A way of telling you that it is one of the must-see sites when you visit the city of Milan.

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