Things To Do In Deauville

Deauville is a beach resort town in Normandy, France, on the Côte Fleurie. It has been a luxury vacation spot since the 1800s.
This beachfront resort is well-known for its large casino, golf courses, horse racing, and the American Film Festival. A 1920s boardwalk borders the lovely beach with bathing huts. A walk around town will reveal fashionable stores, exquisite Belle Epoque villas, and half-timbered structures.

This establishment was formed in the 1860s by two individuals, Joseph Ollife and Duc de Morny. They worked hard to recover the marshland; a resort was born from nothing. Architect Desle-Francois Breney created the resort.
If you’re considering a vacation to Normandy, Deauville is an excellent place to start. The following are the top ten best things to do in Deauville.

Top 12 Things To Do In Deauville, France:

1. Relax On Deauville’s beaches:

things to do in deauville

Deauville is a seaside resort known for its extensive lengths of fine sand and clear, tranquil waters. Visiting Deauville’s beaches is one of the best things to do. The beach is readily identified from a distance by its vividly colored umbrellas, which are free to use.

Weekends may become rather crowded as people arrive from the city, so plan on navigating small crowds if you visit the beach on Saturday and Sunday. However, if you have a weekday free, you may enjoy the motionless, calm waters with a bit more privacy. Remember to bring your sunscreen, towel, and beach toys, since these items are unavailable in the beach area.

2. Try Your Luck At Casino Barrière De Deauville:

things to do in deauville

Whether or not you like gambling, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the chance to see the world-famous Casino Barrière de Deauville. With its magnificent high windows and entry hall, its flawless façade will make you feel like you’re entering a royal castle rather than a gambling hall.

The inside is equally gorgeous. Card tables and a slew of slot machines are surrounded by crystal chandeliers, towering ceilings, and magnificent crimson and gold décor.
You may also dine on delightful local cuisine at the casino’s several restaurants or see the latest entertainment performances at the Renaissance theatre.

3. Explore The Waters In Sail From Deauville:

things to do in deauville

Deauville has two ports and a reputable sailing school. It conducts regattas and sailing events that regularly attract sailors from all over the globe. You may unwind at the Deauville Yacht Club while viewing the sailors and their boats out at sea, or you can go seabird watching while cruising the Seine Estuary.

For visitors above the age of three, the Deauville Yacht Club provides 2-hour sails. You can relax on deck as an experienced captain takes you for a ride over the English Channel. Do yourself a favor and bring a picnic lunch or a bottle of wine to appreciate the occasion.

4. Enjoy Deauville polo and horse racing:

things to do in deauville

Horse racing in this area goes back to 1863, when horses and riders competed on the seashore at Deauville. The famed Deauville La Touques Racecourse was created and opened to the public in 1864.

There have been significant increases in visitor numbers since then. Around 40 regular yearly races are held here, attracting many foreign trainers, riders, and horses. If you’re feeling fortunate, you can even put a gamble here.
If racing isn’t your thing, regular polo tournaments between some of the top teams in the world are also held here. Matches are usually held in August and are free to the public on weekdays, with an entry fee imposed on weekends.

5. Enjoy Wine And Browse Local Produce In Deauville Market:

things to do in deauville

Between the casino, sailing, and horse racing in Deauville, you may be craving some peace to explore the calmer side of this charming coastal town.

If you want a more authentic experience, visit the Place du Marché covered market. The market is packed with lovely local sellers offering fresh veggies, food, seafood, flowers, handmade crafts, and some of this region’s best wine and cheese.
Enjoy your purchases while wandering among the shops, or take a break at a neighboring sidewalk café to people-watch before continuing your day.

6. See The Villa Strassburger:

Things To Do In Deauville

The Villa Strassburger was designed by architect Georges Pichereau for Baron Henri de Rothschild in 1907. The Baron preferred a location near the racetrack rather than the sea since he was a horse racing lover. The home boasts exquisite rooms and flower gardens and overlooks the racetracks.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger, an American businessman, purchased the home in 1924. His son presented it to the municipality of Deauville in 1980. Villa Strassburger was later designated a French historical monument. This villa, a living museum of the last century, may be booked for seminars, cocktail parties, and wedding celebrations.

7. Golfing In Deauville:

things to do in deauville

Normandy is well-known as a golfing resort. Deauville is a favorite escape for players looking to get in some games during their vacations and mini-breaks.
There are numerous golf courses within reasonable driving distance of town, but the Amirauté golf course is the closest. The Amirauté Hotel is 5 minutes away from this 27-hole course in Deauville.

Architect Bill Baker created this championship course with three separate courses, two putting greens, a driving range, a store, a sauna, and a restaurant. Furthermore, while you’re here, you may admire the different beautiful sculptures around the club.

8. Enjoy The Beautiful Architecture At Eglise Saint Augustin:

things to do in deauville

Eglise Saint Augustin is a magnificent church in the heart of Deauville. It’s open daily, with signs indicating when a service is taking place. The church’s mix of neo-Gothic and Roman styles seems intimidating but respectful. The church has exquisite paintings and a giant stained glass window that serves as a World War II monument.

You may stop at the Eglise Saint Augustin to admire the architecture, take a brief break, or light a candle and think for a moment within the main chapel.

9. Attend The Great Cultural Events At Point De Vue:

things to do in deauville

In Deauville, there is usually a funfair event going on, and they are well worth visiting. These cultural activities not only amuse but also educate about Normandy’s history and art. It is a fantastic location to take children.
You may attend the books and music festival if you can be in Deauville between April and May. This event brings together artists, authors, and musicians to celebrate art.

Come to the festival and enjoy wonderful music and books if you adore art and music. In April, there is an Easter Festival, and a group of young musicians performs chamber and contemporary music.
Don’t worry about missing the first two festivals; the summer exhibition lasts from July through September. It occurs at Point de Vue, which displays collections of artwork by notable artists.

10. Enjoy The Live Performances In Les Planches:

things to do in deauville

You can expect to have a good time at Les Planches in Deauville. As a nightclub, it ranks among the best in town. It is situated near Domaine du Bois Lauret and has a pleasant atmosphere.

It is the place to go if you want to experience Deauville at night. You will get the opportunity to interact with the locals.
It is a pleasant contrast to the city during the day; it is more relaxing and quiet, yet it is popular with residents who like having fun. Aside from the unique mixes of the club’s DJs, there are live performances.

11. Find Clothes And Antiques In Deauville:

Things To Do In Deauville

Deauville has several businesses that offer antique and 20th-century deco. For paintings, furniture, dolls, and other fascinating items, visit the Bugatti Gallery and Antiquité de la Touques.
These shops have drawn many visitors to Deauville and are conveniently located near one another. The shops are situated near the beach and the polo club.

French fashion houses include Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Cartier, Sonia Rykiel, and Dior. Here, clothing is available in smaller stores along Desire-le-Hoc and rue Eugene Colas.

12. Tour Normandy By Vintage Sidecar Motorcycle:

You can tour Normandy in historic style by taking a classic sidecar ride via Deauville, Trouville, and Honfleur in about three hours.
While an expert ‘gentlemen sider’ offers all the great stories, legends, and stories about the area, you’ll view various stunning sights along the shore. You may also personalize your trip to include the spots you wish to visit.


Finally, Deauville welcomes all types of visitors. While it continues to have fantastic attractions for those seeking an elite experience, it also has many pleasurable activities for the more casual tourist, including as excellent markets, ancient hotels, and golden beaches.
Only a 2-hour drive from Paris, it’s no surprise that Deauville draws travelers searching for a break from the metropolis, rest, relaxation, and old-world splendor.

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